Yllis: Parade

Parade explores narcissism in today’s world. It questions the ecstasy of parading the self to the world—duplicating the self or achieving the image of the ideal self as a means of achieving a sense of value, ‌distinction or immortality.

How do we construct our identity in a post-representational digital reality? Parade is a fantasy rainy world, where hearts together with hundreds of other emojis orgasmically fly across the screen.

Our audio and visual collaboration takes you into Yllis’ deeply personal and ultimately expressive post-Internet universe. As in every romance, there need to be two –a couple– to sparkle the relationship and eventually love. Therefore we constructed a hybrid body from mapping parts of Yllis’ face on Tereza’s head. So Yllis can stay loving himself and an imaginary girl in one ultimately hybridised existence.

‌Yllis makes experimental electronic pop, melding a myriad of sonic influences to create a musical image of the future—a vision of globalised culture streaming through wireless internet pipelines, borderless and‌hyperconnected.

music: Yllis

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