For a program on Max Weber’s 100 years old notion of disenchantment of the world, we created special Enchanted Bag full of happiness. WeberWoche was art and philosophy event to re-enchant visitors of Stroom Den Haag.

Imagine a recipe for everybody to adopt it as a technique for personal re-enchantment. To maximize our aim we changed the institutional situation:

The language of art becomes designer’s tool.
Artworks become ingredients.
An image becomes the message.
Teaser becomes a recipe.
The event is represented by a performative act.

The exhibition was curated as a live event celebrating the re-enchantment of the world and ideas. Artists, performers, filmmakers, and theoreticians were questioning the role of enchantment in today’s Western society.

Alexander Kluge, Gabriel Lester, Helga Wretman, Jan Verwoert, Jasper Niens, Justin Bennett, Katie Paterson, Katja Novitskova, Koen Vermeir, Melanie Bonajo, Nathaniel Mellors, Plastique Fantastique, Rachel Maclean, Robertas Narkus, Ryan Trecartin, Simon O’Sullivan.

Curated by Stroom Den Haag and post-choreographer Bruno Listopad.


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