Visitor is Present

Dear Visitor,

we are artists. We were used to painting big frescos and huge canvases for centuries. Not so long ago we discovered we are human beings with bodies. So we started to perform. Today we have large printers, we like selfies and we like you to be present in our artworks.

Tereza Ruller, Hieronymus Bosch
and Pieter Brueghel

In her work Tereza creates a surface to document her performances of H. Bosch’s and P. Bruegel’s complex paintings. Using her body, she renegotiates the relationship between historical canvases and contemporary self-performing culture. The audience is invited to create an environment for Tereza’s restaged figures. Historical allegories are transformed into a participative event. The overall image grows and changes over the time, as a sequence of visitor‘s interactions.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat exhibition
at Het Nutshuis, Den Haag
curated by: Welmer Keesmaat




In this act, designer became a commander. Inspired by cavalry generals –during the loud sound of medieval battle– Tereza led the crowd to fill in a simple questionnaire.

ingredients: 25m2 participatory mood-form, motorbike, performing designer as a navigator, 4hrs long performance

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kindly supported by Wang Motorcycles
photo by Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

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