Educational Game

What would you do?

We each respond differently to challenging situations. With this role-play card game students discover what might be right and discussable in given circumstances.

In Switch, players experience ideas of Erasmus – they learn by play. Game was developed to celebrate 550 years since Erasmus was born in Rotterdam and 500 years since his most important book was published. He wrote about language, behaviour and ethics. He was asking how can people live together in harmony and piece? According to Erasmus, it’s essential that people enter a dialogue to understand each other and this is exactly what Switch does.

Graphic design: The Rodina
Typeface: Favorit, Favorit Underline by Dinamo
Commissioned by: Library of Rotterdam
and City of Rotterdam
Game development: Playspace
Game testing: WDKA Gamification class
Thank you to: Bruno Setola, Eve Dullaart, Anezka Minarikova, Matej Moravec


Participation (7), • Social (13)