States of Play:

Roleplay Reality

The roles we play, both on and offline, reflect and shape our realities. States of Play: Roleplay Reality considers how roleplay —found in many video games— can be used as tactic to reflect, contest and move beyond real-world power structures. No longer understood merely as a place of escape, the game realm and the ‘real world’ have collided.

Within this context, States of Play: Roleplay Reality brings together artworks and industry games to explore how the roles we play expose our true realities: with all of our contradictory motivations, biases and assumptions. The result of this can be joyous and disturbing, freeing or subjugating, but now —more than ever— it is impossible to separate our physical identities with the roles that we take up in virtual space.

at FACT Liverpool

Art (22), • Exibition (13), • Interactive (5), • Portfolio (29), • Video game (3), • Visual identity (9)