Select Your Memories

Select Your Memories turns the archive of Dutch audio-visual heritage to a personal narrative. Participants are invited to re-narrate their own experience in Dutch historical and political realm. The project connects subjective with the cultural identity.

We designed and programmed an alternative tool that explores archive as an imaginative territory and helps identify oneself with Dutch culture.

Concept, Research, Design, Code: The Rodina
Typeface: Favorit Light, Favorit Regular, Favorit Underline by Dinamo Type Foundry
Video’s: Polygoon-Profilti, CC-BY-SA licence via

thank you to: Eve Cornelia Dullaart
supported by: Creative Industries Fund NL
commissioned by: The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Art (16), • Curatorship (3), • Exibition (12), • Interactive (5), • Motion (13), • Participation (7), • Portfolio (19), • Social (13), • Web (8)