Chess Instituut & The Royal Chess Club


Chess Instituut is a continuation of RCC, that takes place at Sandberg Instituut (The Master ofGerrit Rietveld Academie), initiated by Tereza Ruller during her studies at Think Tank for Visual Strategies.

Identity develops in collaboration with: Heikki Lotvonen, Mary PonomarevaMateo Broillet, Cyanne van den Houten and Tereza Ruller.
The Royal Chess Club (RCC) is a chess night held bimonthly at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. It’s an open Graphic Design Olympus for fresh and progressive individuals: ”As graphic designers and visual researchers, we have to fight against each other in a chess.” RCC was initiated by Tereza Ruller in 2013 during her studies at Graphic Design Department at KABK and continues till nowadays.

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The design is always developed in collaboration amongst graphic design students from The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. To name some, Marinus SchepenPeter PallandAdrien MenardAlyar Aynetchi, Jordie Rovers, Maxime Matias, Pauline Baumberger, Joeri Woudstra, Zineb Benassarou, Amir Houieh & Gabor Kerekes, Jordy Ringeling & Caitlin Berner, Paul Bille and at that time Tereza Ruller.  So far there were more than #20 editions.

Thank you to: Thijmen van Brunschot, Niels van der Donk, Pascal Schlip.

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