photo by Arnold Mosselman

Re-scaling Turrell and Gaillard

Rotating installation displaying art works situated in public space that were initiated and donated by Stroom Den Haag.

We designed re-scaling tools to perform at the site of land-art. Designer became a performer operating those tools.

First we re-scaled Turrell’s Celestial Vault, 30 meters wide and 40 meters long ellipse. This volcano was built for audience to experience the sky. Because for Turrell light and space are the object of his interest.

Then we found and measured Gaillard’s Dunepark, temporarily excavated burried Atlantikwall bunker from World War II. For Gaillard, the physical process of excavating in the dark and wet soil was a form of negative sculpting.

Installation icw Office of Hard Work
Thanks to Arnold Mosselman

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