Posters for 4AM Forum for architecture and media

Symposionistic Feast poster for f.e.a. wien and 4am in Mikulovice.

Out of the blue exhibition identity for audiovisual installation by Jiri Suchanek.

Cinearch poster for architectural film screenings

Pecha Kucha Night IX. – Christmas Edition, curated by Barbora Sediva.

Domografia exhibition identity about extraordinary quality architecture done by amateurs & non-architects. For this special occasion we selected old 3d max default typeface and used it with all micro-typo + kerning mistakes.

Poster for Richard Loskot’s The Point of Things exhibition about the relics of Big bang. 3D model of experimental visualisation of the creation of the Universe destructing typography. Richard works with the functioning of mechanical and electronic systems, which often work in open algorithms and cycles, and bring surprising connections and strange situations.

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