Mox Nox identity

Visual identity and series of books about architecture, design innovation and urbanism for publishing house Mox Nox.

We developed Mox Nox identity as a platform for our own authorship –aesthetic and conceptual decisions– within a given rules and style guidelines.

Mox Nox identity emphasises pure and intelligible design protected by eccentric cover. Various mega-glossy mirror covers exist under the system boosted by colourful surfaces distinguishing and categorising the author and title.

New navigation system –the laser system– provides reader friendly experience. Lasers appear on every chapter’s introductory spread and move from the top of the page towards the bottom edge – in the same way the reader consumes content of the thesis. For smooth readability we use Swiss typography – full family of Suisse BP typeface.

#1 Herman Hertzberger: Lectures is a bigger book with more than 760 pictures. It’s a result of careful update and reconstruction of Reinout Meltzer’s original design. Book won 3rd prizeforThe Most Beautiful Czech Book 2012, awarded by Ministry of Culture.

#2 Jane Jacobs: Economy of the Cities +#3 J. Jacobs: Cities and Wealth of Nations focus on explosive economic development of super-large cities.

#4 J. Jacobs: Live and Death of Metropoles is the most influential book on urban planning and city development.

#5 B. Fuller: About Education presents ideas by American neo-futuristic architect, the inventor of geodesic dome.

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