Mass Makeup: Freckles

Situated surface — an exploration into the performative graphic design.

Inspired by Korean standards of beauty, makeup trends and facial plastic surgery we examined beauty as a socially constructed category. Makeup and plastic surgery modifications are portraits of our society. Faces became canvases — the battle-zone between individuality and conformity.

During The Mass Makeup performance, we opened the process of self-decoration to participants. Tereza’s face was restaged into a canvas –into a surface where action can take place. This act questioned the involvement of society in how natural assemblages of muscles and skin are transformed into the cultural artefact. It challenged the idea of makeup as a tool for a self-expression.

exhibited at Typojanchi, The Hyundai Card Design Library, Seoul
curated by Minjae Huh
photography by Kim Jinsol and The Rodina

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