Inhabit the planet

Speculative participation for 30.000 citizens.

Visitors were asked to choose one possible role in future society and inhabit an empty planet.

exhibited at Typojanchi, Seoul Station, South Korea
curated by Minjae Huh

Robot City

Video game and a sticker wall for 10.000 kids.

Once upon a time, all the work was done by machines. There was a city where people didn’t have to work at all. A city where work, services, inventions, and products were done by robots. They were ecological, nice and didn’t need to eat, didn’t use any batteries, nor electricity. They were charged by human friendship and attention. All these robots needed was having fun with people as an exchange for their services.

Things like cleaning, dishwashing, driving, delivering packages, teaching and all other things were done by robots. So people could go out, travel, play and have fun with others instead. 

Imagine you also live in this city. Now, you can choose your robot, name it and tell it what it should do for the city and people.

In this Robot City, there are many interesting places where your robot will be happy. There are galleries, observatories, huge offices, towers and business centres. But you can find also diamond mines, schools, repair workshops, garden centres and amazing factories. Some robots love to work in stores, smart-food farms and glasshouses or playgrounds for animals while other ones enjoy spending their working time in laboratories, libraries of knowledge or hospitals. Choose a good place for your robot. Where is it?

Exhibited at Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam
curated by Ward Janssen

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