Ephemera 2011 + 2012 + 2013

Visual nonsense reflects core of Midi Lidi band. Abstract fluorescent bubbles fly through the black and white space peppered by short lyrics selected from songs. This two-sided 5 pantone poster could be turned and oriented to all sides. To be more ridiculous, you can tear this A1 poster up into pieces which will form new smaller posters. Responsive physical design.

Mikro-Mapping Workshop for 4AM/Forum for Media and architecture. The Rodina organised one-day long workshop of video mapping on small architecture models by Chybik & Kristof Architects with softwares: Modul8 and Madmapper.

Video-art event Videokemp took place at Brno House of Art park, in tents. That’s why the design of the poster refers to open sky that is visible from half open tent.

Revolting People exhibition identity for 4Am Forum for architecture and media.

Pinpoint Pinpoint was total intermedium artwork represented by very long dog “Glitch” – every time different.

Map and folded poster for Brno in Construction – architectural bike ride with theorists and curators.

Trummerhaufen: Story of Italian Sights 

Visual identity of this exhibition rephrases almost 70 years old effort of German military protection. A special unit took care and protected art sights during Second World War against bombing.

We treated historical photo of protected Michelangelo’s David same way the Germans did. We built imaginary brick wall, which was materialised in airbrushed layers.

The German military protection of monuments consisted of rescue missions, which secured movable property, works of art, but also embodied the protection of particularly important architectural structures.

Statues were for more powerful protection surrounded by bricks, for example, Michelangelo’s famous David in Florence.

concept: Stephan Klingen, Ralf Peters

Remake catalogue

Media art emphasises the technology, that is hidden behind it. Likewise, there is a grid in Remake catalogue – “layout table” – which is hidden in software and can’t be seen. This grid is fundamental in its function of anchoring elements. Space dummy proves used effects, such as >> Each text frame drops shadow, because it’s above the grid.

We remaked Remake’s visual identity. Symbol of a floppy disc is deconstructed and replaced by basic element of it – the magnetic foil. Cover of the catalogue is magnetic, so it sticks to metals.

Exhibition was a dynamic event – collaborative research of media art history – and a result of two-years long experiment. Artists and independent curators remediated important pioneer’s works of media art and presented them in today’s context.

Curator: Barbora Šedivá, The Brno House of Arts, 2012

Identity and web design of a project Vacant Central Europe gathering specific locations, abandoned places and buildings on online map. Welcoming positive change or at least new turism through crowd-sourced informations. Get involved!

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