Ephemera 2015 – 2016

Czech Project – talks about architecture and urbanism curated by 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media, cultural space Praha, Brno, CZ. Typeface Visual by Jan Novák.

Dead Performances curated by Dirk Vis, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag. Typeface Euclid Flex.

Accelerating Modernity for the 50th anniversary of the “First Things First” manifesto at Design Critique Platform, Warszaw, PL. ICW Marthe Prins, together as Design Displacement Group. Typeface Agipo by Radim Peško.

With regards to Garland’s First Things First Manifesto, we argue that –rather than hanging on to nostalgic values– new and meaningful design is created by consciously embracing and accelerating modernity. Ayn Rand’s awkwardly radical statement is supposed to generate this discussion. With her philosophy of Objectivism, Ayn Rand radically questions the ‘culturally forced’ moral code of altruism and introduces Ethical Egoism. Her legacy would form the philosophical foundation on which Silicon Valley’s climate of entrepreneurship was built.

Dog and Pony Show poster done in collaboration with Joeri Woudstra aka Torus. Exhibited at The International Poster Festival of Shenzhen 2015, China. Typeface Agipo by Radim Peško.

Royal Chess Club 08 textures done by Melissa van Diest and Pauline Baumberger. And Royal Chess Club 09 poster ICW Joeri Woudstra. Graphic design Olympus for young talents from Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag.

Lost & Found is a night full of stray images, explosive sounds, experiments, hybridity, unique projects, uncomfortable artworks and surprised audience. Curated by Alma Mathijsen and Julia van Mourik.

Exhibition Curiosity Killed the Cat asks what is this great gesture to convey without actually necessarily very great work? What is a spectacle? Wildest fantasies to become alive by removing everything from the artist’s backstage (detail, precision, theatricality, drama). Exhibition space is not important, we are focused on the eventness. Commissioned by Het Nutshuis, Den Haag. Curated by Welmer Kesmaat.


Art (22), • Book (9), • Cover (7), • Illustration (11), • Motion (16), • Portfolio (29), • Poster (15)