Ecstatic Trap Designs

We conducted various experiments on typography in the 3D environment since 2012. What are the new affordances of letters in virtual space? How can it be displayed?

Later on, we investigated performative acts inside limitless virtual worlds, where bodies became active guests.

Caveman: Ancient Media
Creepy Teepee teaser
Letter U
Healing Modernity
Two, music video
Mind Map: Walking with the professor

Uncertainty Seminars
Keep Smile

MTV – Visual Idents 2016
Creepy Teepee Festival
Tunica Magazine
Stroom Den Haag
BYOB Rotterdam
Banska Stanica Contemporary
Dictionary of Online Behavior
Videos, Radek Brousil

Art (16), • Exibition (12), • Illustration (5), • Motion (13), • Performance (11), • Portfolio (19), • Textile (1)