Abstract Portrait of the Crowd:
At the End I Became a Painter

Each of us might be seen as a walking cluster of data. Tereza grabbed textures of exhibition visitors’ faces and placed them it into a form. Different skin, eye and hair colours were mixed from more than 30 skin toned acrylics. The shape of each form was generated by 3d scan software that afterwards assembled new portrait –an abstract portrait of the crowd.

“Performing a painter as a designer gives me an opportunity to question the medium of painting.”

By being painted, each visitor became a participant of this performative act.

How does it feel to place colour into smudges, form a texture peppered with artistic vision? What is the character of the brush stroke? Is the last edge of the squirrel tail connected with the painter as a natural extension of his body? Can we see the object we are painting as a collection of data? Can painting as a medium become a tool for selective data-visualisation?

Painting is dead, let’s paint!

Ten Interventions Festival at Tique Art Space, Antwerp
curated by Welmer Keesmaat and Mr. Make-Do
typeface: Favorit by Dinamo


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