Archive 2011 – 2014

selected projects:
Mikro-Mapping Workshop
Trummerhaufen: Story of Italian Sights poster
Visual nonsense poster
Ventolin LP
Videokemp exhibition identity
Pinpoint Pinpoint posters
Revolting People posters
Brno in Construction event identity
Messiah Manifesto
Laboratory on The Open Field
Monument FaVU
Vacant Central Europe visual identity
Symposionistic Feast poster
Out of the blue poster
Wireless catalogue
Royal Core visual identity(icw Office of Hard Work)
exhibition poster
Pecha Kucha Night IX. poster
Czech Pavilion at Venice Biennial 
Performing Arts London
Wrapping The Rodina (icw Cyanne van den Houten)

4AM Forum for architecture and media
Fotograf Festival Prague
Brno House of Arts
Czech Centre, London
The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Midi Lidi
Soirée Graphique

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