Yllis: Parade

Parade explores narcissism in today’s world. It questions the ecstasy of parading the self to the world—duplicating the self or achieving the image of the ideal self as a means of achieving a sense of value,‌distinction or immortality.

How do we construct our identity in a post-representational digital reality? Parade is a fantasy rainy world, where hearts together with hundreds of other emojis orgasmically fly across the screen.

‌Yllis makes experimental electronic pop, melding a myriad of sonic influences to create a musical image of the future—a vision of globalized culture streaming through wireles internet pipelines, borderless and‌hyperconnected.

Parade, an audio and visual collaboration with Czech-Dutch experimental design studio‌ The Rodina, takes us into Yllis’ deeply personal and ultimately expressive post-Internet universe.

summer 2016

Art (21), • Motion (16), • Portfolio (24), • Research (21), • Web (8)