Sonic Acts Festival

We designed a system to render unique 3D artworks – “human fossils” for every application. Those are imaginary leftovers after our impactful existence in the age of Anthropocene. The Noise of Being is about what it also means to be human, to be part of a world that is an ever changing network. As Jean-Luc Nancy writes: ‘Being is neither a being nor being. Being is feeling the noise of being, feeling its colour, its movement, its taste’.

Fluid Sonic Acts 2017 identity spans across various media. Especially articulated through a special campaign of short clips for social media.
THE NOISE OF BEING edition of the festival includes an exhibition, a three-day conference, workshops, masterclasses, films, performances and club nights at various venues throughout the city of Amsterdam.

We decided to present each of these events with unique artwork.

Catalogue (8), • Cover (7), • Illustration (15), • Motion (16), • Portfolio (24), • Poster (15), • Visual identity (6)