Dutch Education – Budget Cuts

1st Prize winning mega hit Budget Cuts by hyper-realistic band Dutch Education is not only data visualisation, but performative design act. Designer becomes part of the design and stages the message.

We’ve received special access to the financial data for Dutch governmental spendings and income for 2014-2017. Task was to carry out extensive research and re-contextualise the information, statistics and figures from the Miljoenennota (Dutch budget plans) resulting in exhibition What’s inside the koffer?.

Curatorial text by Lauren Alexander and Niels Schrader says that “In current times our world economy is ruled by capitalistic excess, unpredictable markets and people-induced crisis. Dutch education, specifically in the arts, is facing sharp budget cuts affecting the cultural producers of tomorrow.”

concept, lyric, choreography: Tereza Ruller
design, dop: The Rodina
music: Ventolin
sound mastering: Moimir Papalescu
sound recording: studio Ovoce

commissioned by: Dutch Ministry of Finance
guided by: Found Land and Mind Design

1st Prize given by Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance / exhibited at: the Ministry of Finance, Den Haag, Netherlands / music video was done within the context of Graphic Design class at the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag

Art (22), • Data Visualization (8), • Motion (16), • Performance (13), • Portfolio (25), • Research (22), • Web (8)