The Rodina was founded in 2011 by Tereza and Vit Ruller. Czech-born, Amsterdam-based independent graphic designers.

The Rodina works on commissioned design projects, while also experimenting autonomously. Studio The Rodina invents ways how experience, knowledge and relations are preserved and produced. Interested in connections between culture, technology, and aesthetic, The Rodina designs events, objects, and tools.

The studio specialises in video, user experience, installations, and visual identities. This cross-media approach allows examining communication as thousands of small interactions which leads to actions. In 2015, The Rodina researched performativity within graphic design and coined term “performative design” (in the field of visual communication) which is further described in Action to Surface publication.

“The Rodina treat design as an agent for activity, for evoking restless responses, confusion, and continual conversation.” ━ Eye on Design, AIGA

“In their brilliant publication Action to Surface, the duo sets a new order for the political urgency of surface-led visual culture…” ━ There and back again: an art history of memes in the post-truth era; Alice Bucknell for Artsy

The Rodina is available for lectures, workshops, studio visits and consulting. For more information contact



Tereza Ruller
+310 646 814 126

Vit Ruller

Derde Oosterparkstraat 170-C, 1092EE, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Jonathan Castro, PE
Anežka Minaříková, CZ
Adam Švejda, CZ
Cyanne van den Houten, NL
Jules Vaulont, FR

Currently, we are not looking for any interns.


Lectures and talks

Vit teaches Coding class at GD department; Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, NL, since 2016

Post-Reality Symposium, talk and panel discussion on The Future of Design, Bezalel, Jerusalem, IL, 2017

Action to Surface, CalArts, LA, USA, 2017

Escaping the Flatlands, OTIS, LA, USA, 2017

Action to Surface, The Book Society, Seoul, KR, 2016

Border (dis)Order, Luca School of Art, Gent, BE, 2016

Gamification class, Willem de Kooning Academy, NL, 2016

AKV|St.Joost MA Graphic Design, Breda, NL, 2016

Non-linear Talk, Hackers and Designers, Amsterdam, NL, 2016

Action to Surface, École supérieure d’art de Cambrai, FR, 2015

Graphic Design Festival Scotland –  talk and panel discussion, Glasgow, UK, 2015

The good. The bad. The ugly, KABK, NL, 2015

Cutting the Territories, 24th Poster Biennial, Warszaw, PL, 2014

Bauhaus Universitat Weimar, DE, 2014

Neo New York: Visual Thinking, New York, USA, 2014

After School Club II, Offenbach, DE, 2013



Sonic Acts, NL
Stroom Den Haag, NL
Film Festival Brno 16, CZ
Tunica Magazine, USA
Het Nutshuis, NL
Banska Stanica Contemporary, SK
Festival Fotograf, CZ
Playspace, NL
National Technical Library Gallery, CZ
National Theatre Prague, CZ
Open Set, NL
The Brno House of Arts, CZ



Biennial of Graphic Design Chaumont, International Poster Competition Exhibition, Chaumont, FR, 2017

Part of the winning MTV International team –Wood Pencil in Branding– MTV Visual Ident, award by D&AD, 2016

BYOB, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 2016

Graphic Design Festival Scotland, Glasgow, UK, 2016

Abstract Portrait of the Crowd: At the End I became a Painter, Tique, Antwerpen, BE, 2016

1st Prize Dutch Education: Budget Cuts, awarded by Dutch Ministry of Finance,  Den Haag, NL, 2014

Keep Smile, Banská Stanica Contemporary, SK, 2014

International Poster Festival Chaumont, FR, 2013

3rd prize The Most Beautiful Czech Book 2012, for book Mox Nox: H. Herzberger, awarded by Ministry of Culture, Prague, CZ, 2013


on action, graphic design and critical thinking

Mapping the Opportunities, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, IL, 2017

The Settlers: Designing a Storytelling Tool, icw Julia C. Aguiar, Prague College, CZ, 2017

Abstract Portrait of 20 Young People in Canton Zürich, Fubu, ZhDK, Zürich, CH, 2017

Borderlands: Towards the new territories, CalArts, LA, USA, 2017

Designing the Leadership, OTIS, LA, USA, 2017

The Chronicles, icw Julia C. Aguiar, Luca School of Art, Gent, BE, 2016

Designer’s Future Stack, AKV|St.Joost, Breda, NL, 2016

The Scene of Politics: Rethinking the Pilars of Democracy, icw Julia C. Aguiar, RCA @ Sandberg Instiuut, NL, 2016

Graphic Design Festival Scotland – Error Opportunity talk and panel discussion, Glasgow, UK, 2015

Cutting the Territories, 24th Poster Biennial, Warszaw, PL, 2014

Training for Future Criminals, Projektil, Bauhaus Universitat Weimar, DE, 2014

Democratic Design, NYA Skolan: After School, Stockholm, SE, 2013

After School Club II,The God of Internet: Founder’s Scrolls, Offenbach, DE, 2013