Fotograf Festival

Fotograf Festival has a specific motto “Seeing is Believing” that addresses phenomena existing on the border of scientific comprehension and beyond. For that reason we’ve created identity where image and typography both have same value and find their relation surrounded by ghostly environment.

We’ve been concerned by photography’s potential to register unique moments, unusual miracles, capture souls or just record effects of masters of gimmicks. Be prepared for the King of Souls!

Website special feature – Soul Photobooth, an app capturing user’s soul.

All ephemera (flyers, programme brochures and magazine parasite programme) was printed on Keaykolour Original paper consisting of 30% post-consumer recycled pulp.

video teaser featuring King of Souls
art direction + rendering
sound: Kévin Bray / Missing Chanel

Illustration (15), • Motion (16), • Portfolio (25), • Poster (15), • Social (16), • Visual identity (6), • Web (8)